Old Town Alley Outdoor Gallery

Old Town Alley Outdoor Gallery

The Old Town Alley Outdoor Gallery is open 24/7 for public viewing.

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POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) – Local artists are dusting off their brushes and paint cans to bring color back to Old Town.

For the second year in a row, the Old Town Alley Outdoor Gallery is offering a space for artists to put their talents on display.
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BOHEMIAN BLOCK: Local painters work to adorn Old Town alley with street-art collective

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Old Town Alley Outdoor Gallery 2020 (Paige Weber painting peacock)
Local artist Paige Weber works to define the eye of the white peacock she is painting on the rear exterior wall of Cottonwood Junction, 141 N. Main St. in Pocatello, as part of the annual Old Town Alley Outdoor Gallery project.

POCATELLO — Local artists for the next 10 days will work to turn an Old Town Pocatello alley into a bohemian masterpiece consisting of an amalgam of graffiti-style street art pieces.

The Old Town Alley Outdoor Gallery is back again this year with the theme, “Impressions of 2020.” Dozens of local artists will adorn the wall of the alley between Clark and Center streets and Main Street and Arthur Avenue in Old Town Pocatello with their artistic impression of what has been quite a tumultuous year.

“Our theme this year leaves the door wide open for artists to relay their feelings about what has been a pretty crazy year,” said the project’s director, Heidi Turner. “We want the artists to feel free to express themselves in art form, so long as it is family friendly.”

The rear exterior wall of Cottonwood Junction, 141 N. Main St. in Pocatello, will soon feature a community-collective street-art piece. The artwork is part of the annual Old Town Alley Outdoor Gallery project.

From now until Aug. 22, Turner said at least 20 artists will paint their own impression of 2020 in the blank space on the rear exterior wall of Cottonwood Junction, 141 N. Main St., to create a large mural of interlocking, but independent pieces. Additionally, the artists will also work together on a large naturescape piece, with each artist adding their own personal touch.

“This project allows local artists to express their art for free public viewing,” Turner said. “The artists garner exposure and attention and some land various jobs from showcasing their skills and talents. We have some that have started here and moved on to becoming graphic artists. We have newbies and seasoned artists as well.”


Old Town Alley, Pocatello’s “Freak Alley”

Pocatello, Reason to Smile” is the theme of a new outdoor art gallery in Old Town. Many people would consider graffiti as vandalism, but one Pocatello building owner sees it as artistic expression.

“Painting on a wall, it does feel a little naughty,” local artist, Paige Webber said.

She is one of 30 who painted a mural on the back of the Cottonwood Junction building located parallel to Main Street.

She won’t be getting fined or going to jail for vandalism or graffiti. Instead, she is praised. It was a city-sponsored event that showcases local talent through an outdoor art gallery.

“I think it’s just inspiring to get art out there and to see everyone honing their craft,” Weber said.

“It’s the first time they’ve had something like this. That’s a great feeling for us to be involved at the ground level,” project coordinator, Heidi Yerbich said.

Graffiti is a criminal offense and is punishable by up to thousands of dollars in fines and can even result in jail time. However, old town Pocatello building owner and entrepreneur Michael Snyder sees graffiti as an opportunity.
“I always enjoyed outdoor art. I thought, Hey wouldn’t it be cool to have some outdoor art here?’”

The inspiration came from Boise’s iconic “Freak Alley.” There, art is appreciated and showcased in the middle of downtown.

“Hopefully it’ll build every year. We’ll get more people, we’ll get more buildings. We’ll see how it rolls,” Snyder said.

For now, art is limited to just one alleyway. However, local artists have already named it “Old Town Alley.”

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