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The Museum of Clean in Pocatello, Idaho has drawn national exposure, primarily through early Associated Press and CBS coverage which sparked an interest and ignited a curiosity as to “What kind of a museum is a Museum of Clean?”

Notable publications and websites have written about it and many have visited it and have aptly described what the Museum of Clean is.

One such visitor was Claire Martin in a Special to the Denver Post in which she quotes the founder, Don Aslett, “We’re selling the value of clean here, not telling people how to clean.”

Pocatello.net Museum of Clean Vintage Vacuums

Steve Hartman of CBS News headlines his article and video “A museum devoted to…cleaning.”

The website TripAdvisor ranks it #1 of 21 things to do in Pocatello.

The reviews in Yelp relate the experiences of visitors from California, Washington, Oregon, Georgia, South Dakota and Illinois. These comments give you a good description of their experiences and what the museum has and is.

The website Atlas Obscura quotes the museum’s Facebook page –“Clean will solve most of our personal problems, hence most of the world’s problems. Clean creates harmony, peace safety and security. Clean speaks with a clear voice that all is well and in control.”

Read the article in Roadside America.

The Museum of Clean is pure clean fun for all ages. Many of the museum exhibits are created for hands-on kid fun. The giant Ark, Windmill and Kids Planet greets visitors young and old as they enter the museum.

Visit Idaho lists ten reasons you should visit the Museum of Clean.

Idaho Power has posted a video on YouTube explaining  their Clean Green rating for energy, power and lighting efficiency for the building that houses the museum.



The above links illustrate the diversity of interest in the Museum of Clean and an insight into what the museum is and what is in it.

Pocatello.net Museum of Clean

The museum’s history is best told by Don Aslett himself. He begins with:

“My mother told us the reason she married our dad was because he was always so clean. Our home, our clothes, our food, and our yard were always fresh and in top shape. There seemed to be some charm in taking care of things that made life better. 

When I was eighteen and on my own, I put an ad in the Idaho State Journal newspaper; Don Aslett Pro-Cleaner! Calls came in, and Varsity Contractors was eventually founded. I kept a record of my adventures in cleaning, and soon wrote books about it and gave talks about it. I loved cleaning!”

Read the full History by Don Aslett

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