Kizuna Japanese Garden at the Pocatello Regional Airport

Kizuna Japanese Garden at the Pocatello Regional Airport

The Kizuna Garden located in front of the terminal at Pocatello Regional Airport links Pocatello with her Sister City, Iwamizawa, Japan. The Japanese garden, a public space open to the public, features more than 100 varieties of plants, several hundred feet of pathways, a gazebo with benches, water elements and beautiful stones from the surrounding area. An area has been specifically dedicated to honor the relationship with Iwamizawa. The plants on the immediate left are a moon garden, beautiful roses and iris. The plants throughout the garden were carefully selected by Cindy Marshall, Master gardener and are designed to survive in the challenging climate. In the Iwamizawa portion of the garden is a beautiful three-tiered stone pagoda. Immediately to the right of the pagoda sits a small stone bench and a Japanese Zelkova tree planted in memory of Brad Smith, the Pocatello High School Japanese teacher who inspired many students to learn Japanese and to visit Japan.

The  charitable support of the IFFT Foundation, the Bistline foundation, the Hugh Suenaga and Bill Vaughn families and the City of Pocatello funded the project. A group of volunteers worked for almost two years to bring the garden to life.

The garden is loaded with symbolism, and even the stones are placed in a certain direction for a reason. Four large stones symbolize the four main Japanese islands and are laid out the way they are located. A fifth large stone symbolizes the country’s thousands of other smaller islands. The gazebo has five sides that represent the five elements.

A beautiful photo tour was created by local photographer Craig Worth which depicts the awesome plants, flowers and rocks artfully displayed in a meaningful arrangement. Included in the garden are the male and female stones standing at the entrance which represent Mr. and Mrs. Takasago, Keepers of the Garden. Along the way is the crane and tortoise islands often associated with Jo and Uba. One of the islands sports a larch pine with its swooning branches and symbolizes the crane.

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