Holt Arena Idaho State University

Holt Arena Idaho State University

Holt Arena's 50th Anniversary

Holt Arena Idaho State UniversityHolt Arena is an indoor arena, multi-purpose athletic stadium which hosts Idaho State University and local area high school sporting events. Included are ISU football, indoor track and field events, the Simplot Games high school indoor track meet, high school football and other sporting events, rodeos, concerts and community events.

Holt Arena was originally named ASISU Minidome - named after the Associated Students of Idaho State University, who funded construction.

It was Milton W. "Dubby" Holt, Idaho State University’s Athletic Director in the late 1960’s, who first suggested the idea of an enclosed football stadium. The idea was considered very radical at the time and was met with a great deal of criticism. Despite this, the idea was presented to the student body and was approved by a student vote in January 1968. Construction began on October 1, 1968 and was completed in September of 1970.

The mini dome was the first enclosed stadium in Idaho, and the first covered football stadium built on a college campus. After it was completed for what was considered a reasonable price—2.8 million dollars—other domed stadiums began cropping up all over the country.

The stadium was built entirely with funds from a voluntary student fee increase.

Statistics: The building is 400 by 420 feet, enclosing 194,400 square feet of building floor area.  The structure is recessed 20 feet below grade, and rises 89 feet above grade giving it a clear span at center of 103 feet. It contains both a 12,000-seat football field and an 8,000-seat basketball court.

It is the largest public facility in eastern Idaho.

History of the Mini-Dome – Whitney Fenwick

"The iconic Holt Arena, more lovingly known to past generations as the Mini Dome, is the source of much delight for Pocatello residents and Idaho State University family alike. The time was ripe with progress both on the national level, with the first moon landing in 1969 and, on a more local scale, with the first collegiate covered dome under construction. Idaho State University was officially on the map for a one of a kind sports arena." Read entire article

Holt Arena under construction

Celebrating 50 Years of Holt Arena

POCATELLO, IdahoThis whole thing may never have happened, if not for hunting season.

The development of Idaho State University's famous multipurpose facility, originally branded the Minidome and forever to be known as Holt Arena, stemmed from marketing desperation. Milton "Dubby" Holt, ISU's athletic director, determined that the solution to drawing more fans to football games than the Spud Bowl attracted was playing at night, a fairly novel concept in the 1960s.

Moving the games indoors was even more creative. And the building that bears Holt's name is being celebrated in 2020 after a half-century of history and highlights, having been funded by bonds to be repaid with increased student fees and serving as an inspiration to other on-campus venues around the country.

Holt is remembered as "a very visionary person," says Mike King, the arena's first manager. Read entire article