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There are many venues and resources available to buy and sell, yes, even trade, whatever you want or have.Buy, Sell, Trade Facebook on

Facebook has published a lot of information on how to set up a Facebook Group and the benefits thereof. However, up to now, there is one vital element missing. That element is:

A simple Directory of Existing Local Facebook Groups, with active links to the Group. has prepared the following links as one resource for those in the market to

Buy, Sell, Trade Facebook in the Pocatello/Chubbuck area

Facebook Groups

Public Groups

Man-tiques Pocatello
Real Yard Sales In The Pocatello and Chubbuck Area
Weekly Garage or Yard Sales Only in Pocatello/Chubbuck
Garage and yard sales, Pocatello, Blackfoot
For Sale EVERYTHING Pocatello Idaho
FREE ONLY in the Pocatello Community!
Garage and yard sales, Pocatello, Blackfoot
Idaho’s Antique Row
Man Stuff sell, trade, Pocatello
Pocatello Classifieds
Pocatello Classifieds & Online Yard Sale
Pocatello Classifieds Plus
Pocatello-Chubbuck Classifieds
Pocatello/Chubbuck For Sale
Pocatello/Chubbuck, Idaho Cars for Sale or Trade
Pocatello & surrounding Areas….Buy Sale and Trade
Shop Old Town Pocatello
Pocatello area Electronics Buy, Sale, and Trade
Vehicle Buy Sell Trade in Pocatello
Women Stuff in Pocatello
Apartments and Housing for Rent in Pocatello, ID
Poky/Chubbuck Yard/Garage Sales ONLY!!!!
Blackfoot – Pocatello – Idaho Falls ID Buy & Sell
Southeast Idaho Craig5list

Closed Groups

**Pocatello,Id** Buy, Sell or Trade
*Pocatello* Buy, Sale & Trade Movies
$5.00 or under in Pocatello Area
All Things Kids! Buy, Sell and Trade
Buy and Sell in Pocatello/Chubbuck
Buy Sell and Trade In SE Idaho – No Clothes
Cheap or free stuff in Pocatello Idaho
Come & Get It Pocatello(free stuff Only)
Free Pocatello Chubbuck
Furniture and Appliance Gently used and Fairly new
Kids Stuff Pocatello
Man Stuff Pocatello Only
Ongoing Yardsale-Pocatello
Pocatello & Surrounding Areas….Buy Sell Trade
Pocatello /Chubbuck Online Sales

Pocatello Buy Sell Trade
Pocatello Chubbuck Deals Only
Pocatello Moving Sales
Southeast Idaho Classifieds
Stuff For Sale Chubbuck/Pocatello, Idaho
Things For Sale in Pocatello/Chubbuck Idaho
Things For Sale or Free in Idaho Pocatello
Things For Sale or Free in Pocatello Idaho

Buy, Sell, Trade Facebook

The above list shows the Facebook Buy Sell Groups as Public or Closed. This status is declared when a Group is set up.

A Closed Group

  • Name, members and description can be seen by the public
  • Anyone can request to join but Admins must approve members
  • Only Group members can see posted content

A Public Group

  • Anyone can join – or be added or invited
  • Everything about the Group can be seen by anyone

The Business Directory contains information on each of the Buy, Sell, Trade Facebook Groups above.

As Facebook Groups have emerged from the Social Media world they have become very popular and are now one of the go-to resources to Buy, Sell, Trade in a local market. For instance, they are great for those who want to buy or sell something once, right now and then move on with their life.

For the seller it is quicker and easier to post to a Group than to post on other venues like Craigslist, Amazon or eBay. Likewise it is quicker and easier for the buyer and without going through the “Google Search" process. The transaction has social appeal due to the interaction between two parties in the same community – now that’s “Buy Local."

Members of a “For Sale" tend to be too casual and fail to list some of the basic information such as size and dimensions, age of the item, the price you want, how you will accept payment and physical location of the item.

The quality and angle of pictures has a lot to do with a successful transaction. Clear, sharp pictures without background noise and clutter will capture a potential buyers’ attention and lead to a sale.

If you don’t know the buyer personally and/or from prior transactions, pickup should be in a public place, preferably with a witness.

Remember the rules of the group. The administrator can blacklist a member. A lot of groups include in their rules “Be Nice."

Try more than one group. Although it is obvious that members belong to more than one group there are also different people in every group. The objective is to find a buyer for what you have to sell.

Of course there are a multitude of other ways and reasons to utilize a Facebook Group. Here we are talking the Buy Sell Facebook Groups.

Notes for this page:
We acknowledge that the above list of Buy, Sell and Trade Facebook Groups in the Pocatello/Chubbuck area is not  complete. Did we miss yours? Please see the Contact Form.

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