Women's Health

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Care Women’s Health
500 S 11th Ave Ste 201
Pocatello, ID
(208) 233-8000
Cheryl M. Callaghan, MD
Michelle Clegg, NP-C, DC

Dr. Callaghan, Michelle, and the entire Care Women’s Health staff are here to keep you as healthy as possible. Our preventative wellness exams ensure good health and are a good way to find warning signs and precursors to more serious problems. We help with everything from women’s health and breast exams to weight loss management and nutritional counseling.

Our expert staff provides personable service and a friendly and caring atmosphere to help ease your apprehension. We are located in Pocatello, ID. We pride ourselves in communication and our caring nature.

Our Comprehensive Services:
Pap smears and wellness exams
Mammograms and breast exams
Blood work
Nutritional counseling
Weight loss management
Nutritional counseling and supplements
STD checks
Birth Control and contraceptives
Referrals for appropriate screening tests.

Inner Connected Wellness
330 S 4th Ave
Pocatello, ID
(208) 244-4175

Break free from flat moods, fitful sleep, sugar frenzies, excess fat, and constant fatigue

I’m Carol, and I’m an inquisitive optimist!
I believe in the miracle of the human body.
I trust in a Divine Entity who created us and the food supply to nourish us.
I affirm that Earth’s natural foods work in harmony with our bodies to create wellness.
These beliefs inspired me in a 20-year quest to find answers to my own health issues, and eventually led me to become certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association, so I can support you in your perplexing roadblocks to health. Today, I specialize in health issues that make you feel overdrawn – mentally and physically flabby. I get it.
I was an addict. Sugar was my drug. Stress was my buddy.
I felt fat, forgetful, frenzied and fitful.
But recovery is real. I am FREE.
I learned that my high blood pressure wasn’t so much genes as it was Metabolic Syndrome and Adrenal fatigue due to stress and imbalanced blood sugars. Now, I am here to pay it forward because no one can experience such a personal miracle without sharing it.
When I am not writing, cooking, teaching, gardening, or enjoying nature, I can be found loving my grandchildren!

Pocatello Women’s Health Clinic
777 Hospital Way
South Medical Office Bldg
Pocatello, ID
(208) 232-6100
JOEL CARLSON, DO – physician
KIM COX, MD – physician
MICHAEL JONES, DO – physician
CAROLE SHELLEY, MD – physician
NICOLE LAMB, CNM, MSN – nurse midwife
JULIE MUCKERMAN, CNM, FNP – nurse midwife
PATTY ACKERMAN, CNM, MSN – nurse midwife
JANELISE GUNNING, NP – nurse practitioner

A Higher Standard of Caring
Skilled and caring health care professionals, provide a lifetime of compassionate and convenient care for each stage of your life. Pregnancy or birth control, heavy periods or menopause, we are here to serve the women of Southeastern Idaho. Welcome to the Pocatello Women’s Health Clinic where we provide a higher standard of caring.