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Adult & Child Development Center
151 N 3rd Ave Suite 110
Pocatello, ID
(208) 232-5655
The Adult and Child Development Center in Pocatello, ID provides treatment programs to individuals challenged by mental illness. We operate as a day care center for people afflicted with various developmental disabilities. We are on a mission to care for these individuals and make a difference in their lives. The Adult and Child Development Center is focused on progress and rehabilitation. Four methods of therapy are practiced and incorporated into our day care service. Most families can’t watch their loved ones all the time and seek professional solutions. Our program is unique because it combines daily living assistance and counseling. We believe that certain disabilities can improve with appropriate therapy and intervention practices. Our youth often make substantial progress to live on his or her own as an adult.

The Adult Child Development Center offers permanent solutions to patients who need a stable daily routine. While our environment integrates proven clinical techniques it also acts as a healthy and loving home away from home.
Aid For Friends
653 S 4th Ave
Pocatello, ID
(208) 232-5669
Administrative Office is located at
210 E. Center Suite A
Pocatello, Idaho 83201
Behavioral Treatment Center
210 E Center St Suite B
Pocatello, ID
(208) 234-2600
BTC has been helping members of our community with mental health needs for over a decade in southeastern Idaho. Our clients trust us for our compassion, integrity, and expertise in mental health. We are based on Biblical principles and are dedicated to your satisfaction. We hope you find the website helpful and please let us know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions that are not answered here. Use our “contact us” form or give us a call at 208-234-2600.
Hope and Recovery Resource Center
210 E Center St
Pocatello, ID
(207) 417-1749
Hope and Recovery Resource Center is an Idaho 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving people who are in recovery from alcohol/drug use and/or mental health disorders. Hope and Recovery’s mission is to promote healthy communities in a cooperative effort with those in recovery, family members, allies, local professionals and organizations. We believe the best way to treat those we seek to help is with dignity and respect.
Road to Recovery
343 E Bonneville St
Pocatello, ID
(208) 233-9135
Road to Recovery is a nonprofit company that began its outstanding performance in 1977 in Blackfoot, Idaho as a response to citizen concerns with public intoxication. A licensed, non-medical detoxification program for residents of Bingham County was opened. Shortly thereafter, the Board and staff saw the need to provide long-term residential treatment services to those individual’s suffering from years of alcohol abuse and a twenty-eight day treatment program was established.
Southeast Idaho Council of Governments
214 E Center St
Pocatello, ID
(208) 233-4032
Area Agency on Aging
Area-wide entry point to the aging network, dedicated to helping older adults maintain dignity, health, and independent living in their own homes for as long as possible.

Community-Centric Economic Development
Offering cost-effective solutions to area-wide needs: community planning, program management and business assistance. Serving as a coordinating link between the city, county, state, federal, and other area-wide agencies.

Revolving Loan Program
Funds are available to loan in conjunction with bank financing to for-profit small businesses in the seven counties for the purpose of creating and retaining jobs, and to help business and industry in activities that promote economic health.
Transitions, Life Coaching and Resource Center
326 E Center St
Pocatello, ID
(208) 220-3113
Our Mission is to transform lives by giving people back their dignity.

Our purpose is to fill spiritual, emotional and material needs through the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. The Ministry is here to give hope to victims of abuse and their family.
Working Solutions
340 S 4th Ave
Pocatello, ID
(208) 234-9675
Easter Seals – Goodwill Working Solutions
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