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cheap or free stuff in pocatello idaho
Pocatello ID
Closed Group – 2,935 Members
Admin – Ruby Green

cheap or free stuff in pocatello idaho

FREE ONLY in the Pocatello Community!
Pocatello, ID
Public Group – 1,167 Members
Admin – Audrey Sollars

Merry meet my home town! 😀 May your Highest Power guide your day- be it God, Alah, Jesus, Marry, Gia, Buddah, Satan or your Red Lamp for all I care! No matter our personal lifestyle we can all love one another if we accept each other for who we are and not what we offer. Maybe one day through living the IDEA that we can all coincide will change our town… maybe the world! Helping someone off their feet will bring more good and circle around our community much more than pushing people out of our way! So if you have extra diapers this is the place! If you need laundry soap this is the place! But don’t ask for a single coin out of it!
This here is a community. It is a community in which money isn’t involved making people have to play nice together;)
RULE 1: Selling items in this group to my neighbors offends me; we all came here for free stuff. Selling items is taking advantage of all we represent as a group community!
Selling things is fine… In THOSE GROUPS.
Rule 2: Common Cents, Common Courtesy, Common Love.
Aka respect a brother, and no drama.

So… If your wondering where your membership went: you either sold something or caused a heap of emotions between my neighbors.
Not too much to remember;)

Pocatello, ID
Closed Group – 126 Members
Admin – Nicole Serrano Sweeney

Post it here before taking it to the goodwill d.i or throwing it away. Someone can always use something you no longer need 🙂
No for sale posts. Delete items after picked up, and no drama 🙂 if Someone has issues please report it to me and I’ll take care of it. Thank you and enjoy!

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