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**Pocatello,Id** Buy, Sell or Trade
Pocatello, ID
Closed Group – 13,258 Members
Admins – Heidie Swasey, Sharina Cluff

Your post we be deleted between 10 and 21 days. We do this to keep this page clean with only newest items. You’re more then welcome to repost.

Buy Sell and Trade In SE Idaho – No Clothes
Pocatello – Chubbuck ID
Closed Group – 2,345 Members
Admin – Susan Jensen

All posts with no activity or bumps will be deleted after 1 month.
All ISO posts will deleted after 5 Days.
All Status requests that are unanswered after 3 days will be deleted as well.

Do not DUPLICATE POSTS. Scroll down and find your post and “Bump” it. If you cannot find it, go to your timeline and track it on your ACTIVITY LOG.


•All items are REQUIRED to have prices posted or they will be deleted.
•All Photos in an album must have info posted on them. Photos in an album will become separated from the album and will need to have information on them.•No Clothes, this includes shoes
•All photos of multiple items need to be in an album. If are unable to do an album, then they are to be placed in a group photo. A group photo for example, display all items so they can be clearly seen, and upload photo with details.
•Once items have been sold photos are to be deleted. I understand that phones make it difficult to delete photos, so please post SOLD under photo and I will delete for you or just put a note that photo is to be deleted.
•No weapons or firearms of any type at any time, this also means advertising weapons sites.
•No Independent Consultants, MLM, work from home, ‘make millions’ or or businesses of the sort. Posts will be deleted and warned. Continued posts will be banned.
•No Pets/Animals
•No Alcohol
•No selling items that are not re-saleable by law. This includes baby formula
•No Homemade food items
•No Real Estate (This includes rental properties)
•No Job Search Posting
•Carseats MUST have expiration date posted. If no expiration date can be found, it is not allowed.

•All items are REQUIRED to have prices posted or they will be deleted. (Yes, I know this is listed twice. 🙂 )

***Please Please Please*** Bump your posts, DO NOT just repeatedly post your photo. This will bog the site down and restrict us on how much we are allowed to view. It is also imperative that everyone delete’s their old posts as well as photos. Deleting a post does NOT delete the photo!.
I have no limits on bumping. Bump away! Bump & Grind LOL. The more bumping the better.

Kids Stuff Pocatello
Pocatello – Chubbuck
Closed Group – 646 Members
Admin – Jessica Ohara

This is a group where you can sell anything that is kid related. Clothes, shoes, toys etc. Just as long as it’s kid stuff. DVD players/TVs are not allowed unless they are specifically kid oriented AKA designed to look like a cartoon person like Mickey Mouse or even SpongeBob Squarepants. There are plenty of groups for said items that you can sell on. This group is for people who are in Pocatello, ID and surrounding areas.

Also rules
1. If you see a spammy post tag me in a comment and i will delete it right away.
2.no fighting among each other just because you don’t agree with something just message me about it and we will try to work it out. You will only get 1 warning otherwise you will be kicked out of the group and if your allowed back in you will be on a probation period for a couple weeks to a month or two depending on why you got kicked out in the first place….

Thank you all and have a good day/night
Admin Jessica OHara

Pocatello Buy Sell Trade
Pocatello ID
Closed Group – 7,055 Memebers
Admins – Losa Willis-Te’o, Phillip Hall, Ally McGee, Jorja Cox Leavitt

If you are not interested in a posted item DO NOT COMMENT on the post. Anyone creating problems or drama, or not following the guidelines will be removed from the group.
Be Respectful of the Group. If there’s an issue, please be kind and respectful and address the individual personally or contact the admin.
DO NOT post something on the group wall!!
ANY DRAMA on the wall (including SWEARING) will lead to banning from the group without warning.

Be Cautious. Deal with people you know, or friends of friends. The owner gets to decide who to sell an item to, they should feel safe and empowered to make the decision… If you don’t “WIN” the item, be respectful of the owner’s decision. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Be Courteous. Do what you say you’re going to do, and then pick if up or drop it off and pay the amount agreed on — if you stand someone up you will be banned from the group.

There are NO HOLDS in our group. If you do not respond in a timely manner, then the seller may move on.

Be Smart. No selling of illegal or stolen goods. Check the item out BEFORE you hand over the money. NO selling of FIREARMS!

NO Business listings without approval.
(Do you want to advertise your business on our group? Please message admin Philip Hall: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004397924933
with the name of the group and the name of your company, and Philip will send you the details of how to do it. Thanks!)

NO advertising of other groups.

If you need to report a post, you can click the arrow in the upper right corner of the post and select “Report to Admin”.
Or send a PM to one of the admins (listed in the members group at the top of the page), or comment on the pinned post.
We do not see every post and comment in the group, if a post or member needs addressing please contact us ASAP!!

To locate and delete your old posts search your name or a KEYWORD in the search box in the upper right corner of the group from any web browser. Then select the arrow in the upper right corner of your post and click “Delete”

Thanks for being part of the group, do your best and give others the benefit of the doubt.