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**Pocatello,Id** Buy, Sell or Trade
Pocatello, ID
Closed Group – 13,258 Members
Admins – Heidie Swasey, Sharina Cluff

Your post we be deleted between 10 and 21 days. We do this to keep this page clean with only newest items. You’re more then welcome to repost.

*Pocatello* Buy, Sale & Trade Movies
Pocatello – Chubbuck ID
Closed Group – 1,143 Members
Admin – Nicole Serrano Sweeney

This group is for buying, selling an trading movies

$5.00 or under in Pocatello Area
Pocatello – Chubbuck ID
Closed Group – 2,735 Members
Admin – Rebecka De La Torre

• This group is for the Pocatello area. Please do not post unless you plan to meet the person in the Pocatello area or deliver for FREE the item to the Pocatello area.
• This is a new rule! Once you agree upon a price with someone in this group you can’t sell that item to someone else unless the first person does not show up when agreed upon or doesn’t get back with the seller. Please treat others like you would like to be treated.
• All items must be $5.00 or under. And price has to be set when posting.
• Small businesses are welcome if the item they are selling is $5.00 or under. Also if you are posting more than one picture of your items, please post them in an album instead of individual posts. Also if this is abused then we will have to limit businesses to a certain day to post.
• ANY charitable EVENT can be posted in the Events tab of this group.
• NO Network Marketing unless the item you are selling is $5.00 or under and is a tangible item.
• NO X-RATED material.
• NO selling anything illegal.
• NO weapons.
• NO drama.
• NO chatting on the page do this on your personal page. This is not a sounding board.
• NO cheating or scamming others. Please let a member of Admin know of such activities.
• Delete item as soon as it is sold!! If you can’t delete please tag a member of Admin and we will Delete it or you.
• Any complaints of harassment or drama will result in removal from the group.
• Any suggestions on how to make this group better please let us know.
• As always “Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Honest, and Be $5.00 or under!!!

All Things Kids! Buy, Sell and Trade
Pocatello, ID
Closed Group – 1,658 Members
Admin – Mariah Lynn

This group is for buying, selling, and trading anything for kids and babies!!! Pocatello and Chubbuck only. Please keep it drama free and be kind to others!! If you say you are going to meet someone then meet them! If you can’t make it after making arrangements let them know! If there is someone who is making arrangements and then not following through please let me know so we can remove that member!! Thanks all!

Buy and Sell in Pocatello/Chubbuck
Pocatello, ID
Closed group – 8,888 Members

We know it sometimes gets frustrating to see something you want, only to find out it’s not here in Pocatello or Chubbuck, so this group is for people in Pocatello and Chubbuck to buy from and sell to other people in Pocatello and Chubbuck (surrounding areas such as Ft. Hall, and Inkom are the only exceptions).

BUSINESSES AND WORK FROM HOME – Avon, Mary Kay, Paparazzi, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, and all those other self-employed type things like them are allowed to SELL on this group but ABSOLUTELY NO RECRUITING!!!

PLEASE, as a seller, be upfront and honest with the buyer. If we are notified of an issue, we will give the seller one warning to make things right and if it is not made right within 24 hours or other arrangements have not been made to make it right, the seller will be blocked from the page.

PLEASE HAVE COMMON DECENCY!!! If you see that someone is selling an item you also have for sale, DO NOT, on the same post, tell the potential buyer that you have the same item for less. IT IS RUDE AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! This goes for business of any kind also! If this occurs, the person doing the “poaching” so to speak will be banned immediately.

There is to be NO fighting or “bashing” (meaning calling names like children) of other people on this page. If this happens, the post will be deleted immediately and you will be given a warning. If it continues, you will be blocked from the page.

PLEASE delete your post when sold! If you are unable to delete the post yourself, please tag an admin and we will get it taken care of for you! It will make this page run a lot smoother!! 🙂


If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact an admin.

Happy Posting! 🙂

Buy Sell and Trade In SE Idaho – No Clothes
Pocatello – Chubbuck ID
Closed Group – 2,345 Members
Admin – Susan Jensen

All posts with no activity or bumps will be deleted after 1 month.
All ISO posts will deleted after 5 Days.
All Status requests that are unanswered after 3 days will be deleted as well.

Do not DUPLICATE POSTS. Scroll down and find your post and “Bump” it. If you cannot find it, go to your timeline and track it on your ACTIVITY LOG.


•All items are REQUIRED to have prices posted or they will be deleted.
•All Photos in an album must have info posted on them. Photos in an album will become separated from the album and will need to have information on them.•No Clothes, this includes shoes
•All photos of multiple items need to be in an album. If are unable to do an album, then they are to be placed in a group photo. A group photo for example, display all items so they can be clearly seen, and upload photo with details.
•Once items have been sold photos are to be deleted. I understand that phones make it difficult to delete photos, so please post SOLD under photo and I will delete for you or just put a note that photo is to be deleted.
•No weapons or firearms of any type at any time, this also means advertising weapons sites.
•No Independent Consultants, MLM, work from home, ‘make millions’ or or businesses of the sort. Posts will be deleted and warned. Continued posts will be banned.
•No Pets/Animals
•No Alcohol
•No selling items that are not re-saleable by law. This includes baby formula
•No Homemade food items
•No Real Estate (This includes rental properties)
•No Job Search Posting
•Carseats MUST have expiration date posted. If no expiration date can be found, it is not allowed.

•All items are REQUIRED to have prices posted or they will be deleted. (Yes, I know this is listed twice. 🙂 )

***Please Please Please*** Bump your posts, DO NOT just repeatedly post your photo. This will bog the site down and restrict us on how much we are allowed to view. It is also imperative that everyone delete’s their old posts as well as photos. Deleting a post does NOT delete the photo!.
I have no limits on bumping. Bump away! Bump & Grind LOL. The more bumping the better.

cheap or free stuff in pocatello idaho
Pocatello ID
Closed Group – 2,935 Members
Admin – Ruby Green

cheap or free stuff in pocatello idaho

Come & Get It Pocatello(free stuff Only)
Pocatello – Chubbuck
Closed Group – 3,000 Members
Admin – Kathy Jackman Cameron and Devan Hansen

Post all your free Items in Pocatello and surrounding area. No spamming No BS. If it’s FREE Post it otherwise Dont.. Simple…

For Sale EVERYTHING Pocatello Idaho
Pocatello ID
Public group – 199 Members

Sell Anything

FREE ONLY in the Pocatello Community!
Pocatello, ID
Public Group – 1,167 Members
Admin – Audrey Sollars

Merry meet my home town! 😀 May your Highest Power guide your day- be it God, Alah, Jesus, Marry, Gia, Buddah, Satan or your Red Lamp for all I care! No matter our personal lifestyle we can all love one another if we accept each other for who we are and not what we offer. Maybe one day through living the IDEA that we can all coincide will change our town… maybe the world! Helping someone off their feet will bring more good and circle around our community much more than pushing people out of our way! So if you have extra diapers this is the place! If you need laundry soap this is the place! But don’t ask for a single coin out of it!
This here is a community. It is a community in which money isn’t involved making people have to play nice together;)
RULE 1: Selling items in this group to my neighbors offends me; we all came here for free stuff. Selling items is taking advantage of all we represent as a group community!
Selling things is fine… In THOSE GROUPS.
Rule 2: Common Cents, Common Courtesy, Common Love.
Aka respect a brother, and no drama.

So… If your wondering where your membership went: you either sold something or caused a heap of emotions between my neighbors.
Not too much to remember;)

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