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A place for people who live in south east idaho to sale items if you don't live in south east idaho then you won't be added to the group
Feel free to post the items you would like to sell. Please do not email other members with spam, there have already been a few complaints and members deleted for it. If its illegal or only legal to certain age groups it wont be allowed. (e.cigs, alcohol etc)

Items will only be kept on for 30 days then deleted. This is in order to keep the site clean. If your item is deleted after that 30 days then put it back up. If it's an item that you have bumped up numerous times and no takers, please be courteous and either change the price or realize it just isn't a wanted item. DO NOT junk up the site by reposting the same ad/item over and over. I will delete the duplicates and if it continues then you will be removed.

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