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• This group is for the Pocatello area. Please do not post unless you plan to meet the person in the Pocatello area or deliver for FREE the item to the Pocatello area.
• This is a new rule! Once you agree upon a price with someone in this group you can't sell that item to someone else unless the first person does not show up when agreed upon or doesn't get back with the seller. Please treat others like you would like to be treated.
• All items must be $5.00 or under. And price has to be set when posting.
• Small businesses are welcome if the item they are selling is $5.00 or under. Also if you are posting more than one picture of your items, please post them in an album instead of individual posts. Also if this is abused then we will have to limit businesses to a certain day to post.
• ANY charitable EVENT can be posted in the Events tab of this group.
• NO Network Marketing unless the item you are selling is $5.00 or under and is a tangible item.
• NO X-RATED material.
• NO selling anything illegal.
• NO weapons.
• NO drama.
• NO chatting on the page do this on your personal page. This is not a sounding board.
• NO cheating or scamming others. Please let a member of Admin know of such activities.
• Delete item as soon as it is sold!! If you can't delete please tag a member of Admin and we will Delete it or you.
• Any complaints of harassment or drama will result in removal from the group.
• Any suggestions on how to make this group better please let us know.
• As always "Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Honest, and Be $5.00 or under!!!

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